jQuery Lookup Plugin Download Now

A jQuery plugin which allows partial autocomplete features on a textarea element based on a trigger character. Read more »

Jetty Desktop Launcher Download Now

The Jetty Desktop Launcher is a very simple GUI that lets you quickly run up Jetty Web Applications without all the fuss of downloading, installing and configuring separate Jetty instances. This project is now maintained on our aw2.0 Github repo, all links from here will redirect you there! Read more »

Rich Autocomplete Download Now

A jQuery plugin which allows autocomplete features, placing the results into sets representing an autocomplete from several sources but in one convenient interface. Read more »

Shorten Filepath Plugin Download Now

A jQuery plugin to shorten filepaths. Will shorten file paths and put the complete filepath in the title of the element. Read more »

Support Open Source

We believe in the power of open source here at aw2.0 and what it can offer the developer, company and user a like.

A few years ago we open sourced OpenBD, a complete Java runtime for running CFML applications on Java. This was a roaring success with a huge community built up around it.

We have a number of smaller projects that we will be releasing and giving back to the community. Feel free to use and browse our Code Garden and dip into any of the software we release and utilise it for your own projects. As always, feedback welcomed: